Volkswagen to face big test as the car owner’s files lawsuit against the company


Steve Berman, a plaintiffs’ lawyer in Seattle has posted a video on YouTube regarding the Volkswagen scandal and asked the vehicle owners to contact him. Berman is a famous lawyer who has been involved in many class-action lawsuits against carmakers, drug companies and the tobacco industry. He announced through the video that they are going to launch a lawsuit on behalf of consumers against Volkswagen and welcomed everyone to join this. Berman was one among many lawyers who raced their objection against Volkswagen  after they had disclosed  that it used rigged software’s to enable its vehicles with diesel engines to pass air emissions tests. Shareholders   have already sued against the company.

The legal experts have the view that Volkswagen’s would take steps to manage its customers and protect their public relations exposure against the case. For this the company’s has decided to offer financial a normal compensation to the affected consumers to foreclose their lawsuits and thus protect its reputation. Francis McGovern, a law professor at Duke University said that
the Volkswagen case will be straightforward as the company admitted its liability on the fraudulent software that was used in their specific vehicles. Unlike other automotive cases, Volkswagen does not involve any deaths, injuries or vehicle safety but the case’s issues on the potential difficulties and economic damages suffered by car owners in strategies in resolving it.

But experts have the opinion that the types of economic damages suffered by consumers would largely be determined by the type of plan Volkswagen announces to bring their cars into compliance with federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air pollution regulations. If the company decides to keep the software to reduce its air emissions running constantly it will affect the vehicle’s performance and gas mileage will decrease.

Berman has anticipated three possible financial claims as part of this lawsuit. The first claim includes the consumers overpaid for their cars as the vehicles equipped with a diesel-powered engine costs higher than those that run on gasoline. The second anticipated claim is that the expected  future costs of operating the cars will be higher when they will run less efficiently and the third claim  is that the resale value of the vehicle is less.

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