Market Value of Maruti surpasses that of Suzuki


The stock of Maruti surged 65 percent in the last year increasing its market capitalization to about 19.73 billion translating to Rs 1.26 lakh crore as per the closing stock price on Tuesday of Rs 4,158.80 on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

The stellar operational and financial performance of the sluggish automobile market alongside the rosy outlook has helped Maurti drive its stock rally. Suzuki experienced a bumpy ride in the past few years with the sales of its vehicles weakening in almost all the prominent markets other than Asia. The brightest spot for the Japanese manufacturer is its Indian unit that has transitioned into the company’s biggest money spinner resulting in a quarter of the revenue along with a large chunk of profit.

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Market Value of Maruti surpasses that of Japanese parent company Suzuki


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