Fab India Founder goes for Juggernaut, the Mobile publishing platform


The first mobile publishing startup, Juggernaut raised Rs15 Crore that is 2.2 Million. William Bissell,the founder with Fab India,Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani,Boston Consultancy Group MD Ms.Neeraj Aggarwal and Ms.Durga Ragunath ,the chief editor of Random House India set up the digital cordial company namedJuggernaut.. Ms. Ragunath launched the First post and was most recently the CEO of Web 18 and the senior VP at Zomato.

Juggernaut provides both digital as well as  physical platform and involves the  ‘re-imagine’ books .It opens way to innovate length for mobile focusing on ends of spectrum  providing an all new way for commissioning and also for   the reading experience and payments. Founded in the year by Chiki Sarkar former editor-in-chief of the Penguin Random House and Ms. Durga Raghunath ,the VP of Zomato. Juggernaut renders its authors a digital and physical platform from the beta stage development.

Chiki Sarkar states the idea of mobile revolution within the country was more focused to get more people reading books.Ambition was also to strategize the strongestand respected publishing team within the countryby partnering with advisors and partners of field.The teamtaps the opportunity with 150 million of smartphone users, and is in the verge to become the foremost phone publisher of India from February. Raghunath points that more Indians are accessing the network, paying online reading and writing compared with the estimation done five years ago.

Sarkar and Raghunath, accompanied by Gavin Morris , Jaishree Ram Mohan,the managing director and executive editors R.Sivapriya and Nandini Mehta comprises the founding team of startup. The firm decides to publish titles close to 50 in numbers each year, that starts from April 2016 and is warehoused and distributed by the French publisher named Hachette India.Angela De Giacomo and Vig from MPC Legal adviced William Bisselland the Entrust family office advised by Nandan Nilekani.On the contrary Juggernaut was guided by Satyajit Sarna and the Associates based up on the transaction.


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