Chinese Stock Market Conditions Makes Investors Consider India For Business


As the Chinese stock market is continuing to go down the slope, the business spectators are looking for a brighter horizon and the country at the next door, India is becoming a stable option, claims an already invested non-stick coatings manufacturer, GMM Nonstick Coatings.

China’s Shanghai Composite Index dropped by eight percent in a day witnessing lows that were unseen since the year 2007, the shock was felt all over the world as the Chinese traded stocks un the U.S. were also hit. The disturbing volatility has made the investors fear that the Chinese government could interfere beyond buying the stocks in order to stabilize the market and form a less than friendly atmosphere for the businesses aiming to grow in the weak economic conditions.

In the meantime, everything has become rosy in India as there are signs of decline in India. The Chinese stock market is tumbling and this has become a blessing for the Indian shareholders as they are getting benefited from the democratic government that is busy in endorsing the economic policy reforms such as fusion of the country within a single sales tax.

Though the company GMM Nonstick Coatings has invested in India, its Co-Founder and CEO, Ravin Gandhi is bullish on the Indian market and is happy with the same. GMM Nonstick Coatings based in Hong Kong runs its operations on both mainland China as well India. The sales have been forced based on the market conditions in the U.S. It is a global company with a clientele base comprising mainly of the multi-billion dollar consumer product conglomerates including Newell Rubbermaid. Gandhi gave his take on the effects of the Chinese market’s volatility, why the clients are interested in considering India as the manufacturing hub and why he will expand the operations in the country.




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