A fridge which sells fresh veggies: Case Study of Gobbly


Retail tech start-up company Gobbly, commenced by Ankur Agarwal and Amit Ahuja in 2019 November, is trying to resolve that issue, marrying the suitability of contactless delivery with self-selection of the fresh goods. It is setting up automated, contactless stores in apartment buildings, corporate offices, universities and colleges which can be retrieved via the Gobbly mobile application. The concept of Connect, shop and go, is based on it’s as simple as using our home fridge, and the whole involvement takes not more than 30 seconds.

Online spending has its advantages but also its displeasures when it comes to purchasing fresh necessities. While the delivery at our doorstep is certainly wanted, particularly in today’s times, the quality of vegetables and fruits distributed does leave us doomed at times. It is in such situations that we miss the delight of the touch-and-feel experience of choosing the freshest of greens or the firmest of tomatoes.

Ankur Agarwal, co-founder of Gobbly stated that Consumers should have their Gobbly app and all the items in the store are visible on the app. Gobbly wallet is a facility which can be recharged through credit or debit card, Net banking/UPI/Paytm. Once we approach the fridge, we should just scan the QR code and the door will automatically open. Take out whatever things you want, keep it back if you don’t and close the door once you are done with purchasing. The billing will occur automatically after shopping.

At the similar time, the pandemic restrictions have made a few permanent changes in the buying behaviour of millennials that will work in favour of Gobbly. They favour shopping inside their residual societies, by avoiding human contact and are more attentive on purchasing from brands focusing on customization. That is what makes Gobbly a perfect answer as it is their nearby shop that lets them shop contactless, whenever they want.

The Unique Selling Proposition of the Gobbly platform is its flexible tech architecture. The Co-founder Amit Ahuja don’t want to call it a vending machine and says an automated fridge would be more apt. “The UI and UX of automated stores are far greater as compared to vending machines. Aspects like digital payments, ease of use and personalisation are its winning features,” he told.

Gobbly’s business model has previously sparked interest among investors. It has raised $500,000 initial funding from a venture capital firm Sauce.vc. It is now waiting to witness whether consumers are stimulated with this AI-driven automated, contactless retail chain.


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